Electricians Kit


MK Morse

  • Electricians Kit 8 piece, 6 AE Hole Saws (MK14,18,22,28,32,40), 2 Arbors (MK05, MK03)
  • Plumbers Kit 8 Piece, 6 AE Hole Saws (MK12,14,18,24,28,36), 2 Arbors (MK05, MK03)
  • General Purpose Kit 11 Piece, 9 AE Hole Saws (MK12,14,18,22,24,28,32,36,40), 2 Arbors (MK05, MK03)
  • Master Electricians Kit 14 Piece, 11 AE Hole Saws (MK12,14,18,22,28,32,40,48,58,66,76), 3 Arbors (MK05, MK03, MK04)
  • Quick Overview

    • More teeth , deeper gullet in the cutting action increases material removal
    • New tooth form maximizes penetration with a positive rake face
    • Engineered with the strongest tooth profile available in the marketplace
    • Increased control in higher torque applications and long wear resistance
    • Impact resistant while maintaining cutting penetration
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    Steel plate, pipe, angle iron, wood, composite materials, plastic, sprinkler pipe, electrical box

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: MK Morse
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